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CPU Architecture

1 2 3
    5 6 7   8  
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  15 16         17       18

9.Characteristic of ROM
12.What does CPU stand for?
13.Is executed with every clock cycle
14.It is uni-directional
15.Characteristic of RAM
19.Manages and controls all the ________ of data
1.Operation/Function code
2.Stores a copy of the instruction being executed
3.Stores the result of the current instruction
4.Type of memory that effects computer speed
5.Unit for measuring clock speed
6.Instructs the ALU what ________ to work out
7.It is bi-directional
8.The amount of bits that can be processed by the processor at one clock cycle
10.The amount of memory locations that can be addressed by the processor
11.Stores the address of the next instruction to be executed
14.Associated with the ALU
16.The data on what the function code will work
17.Associated with the ALU
18.Total amount of memory locations that can be addressed with a 4bit address bus

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