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Surface Water

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1.occurs when water spills over the sides of a streams banks onto dry land
7.any land area that is covered with water for a part of the year
8.when a stream resumes downcutting toward its base level, this increases its rate of flow
9.sediments too heavy to be in solution or in suspension, these sediments are pushed or rolled along the bottom of a streambed (2 Words)
13.water flowing downslpe along Earth's surface
14.process that makes lakes rich in nutrients from a surrounding watershed, this results in a change in the kinds of organisms in the lake
15.the elevation at which a stream enters another stream or body of water (2 Words)
17.the method of transport for all particles small enough to be held up by the turbulance of the streams moving water
2.triangular deposit, usually made of silt and clay particles, forms where a stream enters a large body of water
3.narrow pathway carved into sediment or rock by the movement of surface water (2 Words)
4.high area that seperates one watershed from another
5.all of the land area whose water drains into a stream system
6.curve or bend in a stream formed when a streams slope decreases, water builds up in the stream channel and erodes away the sides of the streambed
10.measure of a volume of stream water that flows over a specific location in a particular amount of time
11.broad, flat area that extends out from a streams bank and is covered by excess water during times of flooding
12.ground bordering each side of a stream that keeps the moving water confined (2 Words)
16.body of water surrounded by land

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