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Input, Output,

1 2     3     4  
9                     10
13             14 15  
    17     18    

2.A pointing device that used to move objects in computer game, simulation or CAD systems
6.The replacement of human workers with machines.
7.Abbreviation for the very popular port that can connect up to 127 peripheral devices.
9.An input device that converts sound waves into electronic signals
11.A device that produces hard copy of what is on the computer screen.
13.The most common input device.
17.A copy of program, data and information in case the original is ever lost or damaged. (2 Words)
20.A screen that displays data and output.
1.The physical amount of space used by a device.
3.A electronic device that makes music by creating musical tones.
4.Two or more sectors combined together.
5.Abbreviation for a memory module on the motherboard that stores information temporarily.
8.An abbreviation for the circuitry that performs operations on the input data
10.The chip that allows the computer to retain information
11.An abbreviation for a small device that is used to manage contacts, schedule appointments, and check email.
12.One trillion bytes
14.The pathway used by the entire system to communicate with the CPU (2 Words)
15.The actual display of processed data.
16.The process of saving the output for later use.
18.Abbreviation for one thousand bits per second.
19.A type of input screen that responds to a finger or stylus.

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