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6th Grade General Music

Instrument Families

Fill in the answers using the clues below. All answers will come from your "Instrument Families" packet. Don't forget your name at the top!

1 2
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  5   6             7
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6.Percussion instruments with no definite pitch
8.This projects the sound of a brass instrument many different directions.
9.This family makes sound when shaken, hit, or scraped.
12.Most woodwind instruments use this to make their sound
13.String instruments are plucked or _____ to make sound.
15.The name for a percussion player
16.Change the length of tubing to change the pitch on a brass instrument
18.Woodwind instruments are long _____ with holes.
19.The family of instruments which contains the clarinet.
20.A player presses these down to change pitches on a woodwind instrument.
1.Groups of instruments are called this.
2.This family can use the gut of an animal for part of the instrument!
3.A brass player does this into a mouthpiece to make a sound.
4.Brass instruments are _____ twisted up.
5.A single or double reed instrument
7.Percussion players may have to play many _________ instruments.
10.Changing one of these in the percussion section changes a whole piece of music!
11.What a sound does inside an instrument to amplify the sound
13.The family of instruments which contains the trumpet.
14.Most string instruments have ______ bodies.
17.Percussion instruments with a definite pitch

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