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4.A forming method in which a solid material is physically forced into a new configuration
8.A forming method in which liquid material is poured into a mold or extruded through a pipe, then allowed to harden
14.A method in which material is removed from a larger mass
15.A force that creates lateral break in a material
16.Created by fusing together 2 or more materials of different strengths.
1.A structure that provides internal support
2.A physical object constructed from separated parts that have been connected using glues, joints, stitching, and son on.
3.The process of a manipulating a pliable material (such as clay) to create a 3-d object.
5.The extension of an object through stretching or bending
6.The forcing of a straight form into a curved or bent one
7.A type of exoskeleton commonly used by medieval architects in creating cathedrals
9.An external support structure
10.The forcing of material into a smaller, denser condition
11.An internal structure created to strengthen and support a 3-d object
12.The distortion of an object through a twisting motion
13.An additive method in which the artwork is constructed using objects and images that were originally created for another purpose

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