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Horse Stuff


Terms commonly used in the horse world

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3.A trained horse
5.The right-hand side of the horse (2 Words)
9.Allows access to a field or arena
10.Young horse - not gender specific
12.Western class that involves going through obstacles
13.Equipment used on a horse
14.Used to tether a horse (2 words) (2 Words)
16.This goes on a horses head
17.Person who shoes & trims horses hooves
18.Bucking horse
19.Desensitize (2 words) (2 Words)
22.Found on dun coloured horses (2 words) (2 Words)
28.Often occurs when hoof is very moist
29.The basis of all types of riding
30.Left-hand side of the horse (2 words) (2 Words)
33.Female parent
34.Exercising a horse on a long line
35.Walk is an example of this
36.Act of riding/training a horse
37.Young horse - female
38.V-shaped part of the hoof
40.Medication to reduce inflammation & pain
41.Used to protect a riders head
44.Goes in horses mouth
1.Leg __________
2.Obstacle found in a trail class
4.Bitless bridle
6.Male horse - in tact
7.Young horse - male
8.Horse of mixed breeding
10.Used to keep animals in
11.Ointment for cuts, scrapes, etc
15.Metal that is nailed to the hoof (2 Words)
20.Style of riding originated in the west
21.Male horse - castrated
23.Convex profile to the head (2 Words)
24.Male parent
25.Muzzle/face that is concave
26.Type of western riding where sliding stops are common
27.Unit of measuring a horse
31.Style of riding originated in the UK
32._______ bone - found just below the knee & hock
39.Horses eat these
42._____ neck
43.Female horse

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