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refraction reflection motion force gravity mass weight pull sound texture vibrations dissolve friction mixture matter solution condensation evaporation melting freezing opaque conductor insulator

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1.How much matter an object has, doesn't change in new locations.
4.An object will only move unless it is pushed or _________.
5.A combination of two or more substances in which no new substance is formed, very easy to separate.
6.How much gravity is acting on an object.
7.When light rays strike a surface and bounce off them.
11.Sounds is formed by ____________.
12.When a gas turns into a liquid.
13.The reason why a pencil falls to the ground is because of the pull of _______
14.A force that works against motion.
15.When an object changes it's position. An object moving.
16.A material that allows electricity or heat energy to transfer. examples: gold, copper,
17.A push or pull that causes motion.
2.A combination of two or mores substances in which a new substance is formed, very hard to separate.
3.When light rays travel through a substance and the light rays bend.
8.When a liquid turns into a gas.
9.A material that does not allow electricity or heat energy to transfer. examples: rubber, wood, and plastics.
10.A form of energy caused by vibrations.

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