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PC Hardware Revision


1 2 3     4
        6 7
8   9               10
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    18 19   20    
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3.a dual ported memory
5.enables processor to run multiple programs at the same time
9.supply power to system all time from the battery
11.stores data temporarly
14.controls the flow of data to other units of the processor
16.a manufacture of microprocessor.
17.a BIOS manufacture
18.a low cost graphics memory
21.the process of converting virtual memory to real memory
24.an inteface that is used to display graphics and 3D images
1.the connector which connects HDD (from SMPS)
2.HT technology build by this company
4.mid-range server also called______
5.modulation and demodulation
6.8080 processor build for this computer
7.a component used to lower temperatute from processor
8.installed on the board to regulate the power supply
10.the memory module of laptop
12.one of the function of PC
13.a processing device
15.used to configure motherboard
19.PG-signal cable color from SMPS
20.a motherboard manufacture
22.the process of copying pages from HDD to real memory
23.ATX form factor invented by

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