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Radhika Banbah

French puzzle

1 2 3
  4   5  
6 7                   8  
13   14        
15     16                        
18   19            
21     22  
24   25          
26             27          

7.protective shield, bottom of the sea
9.large water body
10.creating boundaries for the sea
11.used to keep bugs away from your body
12.the beach is not complete without it
15.drinkable item that is clear and famous
16.use before going in the sun
17.gives shade among other things
19.major source of light coming from the sky
20.plural of person
23.does the duel job of protecting your eyes and you look better with it
24.the more richer and creamier the better to apply
26.it has legs and is dangerous but is very delicious
27.major means of transportation
28.man made water body
1.most common type of animal found underwater
2.a type of accessory you put on your head to keep away the sun
3.major round in all beauty pagents
4.rest from work
5.people who save your life when your about to drown
6.type of clothing people usually wear on a beach or when its hot
7.takes years to grow and seconds to destroy,found at the bottom of sea
8.when rain falls or shine, this is very useful
9.green, in sea and is very yummy
13.type of waterway, loading and unloading station
14.cloth that is used right after showering
18.soft inside, hard outside and health to drink and eat
21.something that is used in basketball, volleyball and soccer
22.something that legend states has a pearl
25.most common type of foot wear worn on a beach

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