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Giving You the Business

Sue Way

Business Terms for review

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4.This vendor choice can help manage inventory
7.Meeting high goals for the prototype
8.Overseeing the financial aspects of the business
9.A supplier
16.The activities involved in product production
19.A blueprint for a buisness describing the business, predicting the it's future, and a document to present to lenders
21.A study to test if a business idea is practical
23.When expenses are met
27.A vendor choice that gives you a back-up
29.A prediction of future sales from the market study
30.A financial report showing the worth of a business at any given time
31.Money made above break even
1.Tracking the flow of cash into and out of the business
2.Federal agency overseeing working conditions
3.Product and supply storage
5.Meeting the needs of a small segment of the market
6.Taking inventory by looking
10.Part of the Business Paln describing the business
11.Amount added to cost to make the price
12.Cost plus mark-up
13.Price, Product, Place, and Promotion
14.Planning future expenditures
15.One who oversees the quality of the product
17.A good variety of the 4Ps
18.A business idea that can be test to see if it is practical
20.Those who might demand or purchase our product
22.Maintained to prevent added costs
24.One who creates, owns, and operates a business
25.Moving from manuel to machine production
26.The best example of the product to which all others are measured
28.A reduction in price to move product. Will need to sell more items

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