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Zoe L

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1.There are three different types of _____
7.____ cause widespread devastation to whole countires
10.After monumental rain you may experience this
12.This natural disaster Is caused by another natural disaster
13.The ____ damage for a country may be extremely high if a lot of monumental structures were damaged
15.If you go without rain for a long period of time you may experince this
2.An earthquake may have ____ consequences
3.An ___ is caused by two tectonic plates moving towards, away or past eachother is
4.During a heat wave ____ may break out in the areas that have experienced the highest temperatures
5.A Natural ____ is a threat of a naturally occuring event
6.A natural disaster causes a lot of ____
8.The ____ of a natural disaster can be devastating
9.To ___ the effects of a natural disaster you should have a first aid kit incase someone is injured
11.If you are a great distance from epicentre you may not feel the ___ of the earthquake
14.The ____that you take during a natural disaster should be minimal

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