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A2 ICT - Security Policies

Sue Davis

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1.A fast option where large amounts of data need to be backed up (2 words)
3.Given in order to perform job (2 words)
4.Process of assessing likelihood of events and costs (2 words)
6.Series of characters used to check identity of user
7.Technique for backing up which elimates dependence on one device
11.Program that replicates itself
13.Data can only be added
16.Coding of files
18.A popular system for backing up data (4 initials)
19.A method of security to help prevent misuse
21.A file that can only be read (2 words)
22.A trail of detection for ICT use
2.A plan that restores ICT facilities asap (3 words)
5.This should be fireproof
8.A natural disaster which could be a threat even in the UK
9.A type of backup service used (2 words)
10.A method of security to help prevent misuse
12.Copies kept in case of total loss
14.Damage that the virus carries
15.Software or hardware to protect a network
17.A server that takes requests and either forwards or denies access
20.A natural disaster which could be a threat even in the UK
23.A backup power supply (3 initials)

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