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Marketing Plans

M Bouquet

1 2 3 4   5    
6                   7    
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21             22

4.These resources ensure we have the manpower and skills for the activities of the business?
6.This function deals with manufacturing?
10.Marketing expenditure should provoke this by competitors?
12.This function looks at the availablity of money in the business.
16.Response to marketing expenditure is often hard to -------?
18.Ways in which businesses make their product/service stand out from competitors?
20.The marketing plan will spell out our --------?
21.Budgets are sometimes set based on which years figures?
23.This matrix is a tool that helps businesses decide their product and market growth strategy.
1.Marketing objectives stem from these objectives?
2.A drawback of Marketing plans is that they may be ignored as these take over?
3.The marketing ----- assesses the situation of marketing in the business.
5.This statement tells the world what we want to be?
7.Porter determined that there were these number of forces that affect business profitability?
8.This research is essential to know about our market?
9.A Marketing Plan gives a detailed description of what?
11.These actions could determine startegy and budget.
13.Promotional expenditure is highest on this media?
14.This function deals with promotional activity?
15.Difference between actual figures and budget figures?
17.Firms will usually have a limited amount of resources because they are ------?
19.W of SWOT
22.This analysis helps identify what we are good at?

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