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French Revolutin Crossword

Tanner Dieppe

A crossword puzzle about the French Revolution. if the answer is more than one word, make sure to leave spaces between the words.

1       2                            
3                                           4
7     8
9                         10       11             12    
13             14        
18                             19                  
21     22                                
  24       25                                  

1.Document stating French rights and government actions.
3.Queen during French Revolution; put France into debt.
5.A tax formerly levied by a French king on his subjects or land.
6.4th government of French Revolution.
9.Period that very influencal ideas came from; Influenced many revolutionists in France.
10.Very fast and strong change in government.
13.A tax levied on salt prior to 1790.
17.Elected and accused King Louis XVI of treason; 3rd government of French Revolution.
18.very bloody: lots of people were killed; from spring 1793 to summer 1794.
19.Have to work in the military; working laborers of France.
20.Huge Revolution in France around the 1790s.
22.Group of radicals; headed by Maximillion robes pierre.
25.Huge battle, Napoleon lost; One of napoleons huge mistakes.
26.Put anyone on trial they thought was against the revolution.
27.Weigh both sides of argument before drawing a conclusion.
2.Committee to find out who was against the revolution.
4.Huge military leader; very successful; kicked from France twice.
7.King during the French Revolution; a family man.
8.Duties of a feudal vassal to his lord and vice versa.
11.Unpaid labor due from a feudal vassal to his lord.
12.Holds elections for National Convention.
14.Belives God gave them divine rights.
15.Want little to no change.
16.Responsible for collecting 10% of everybodies income.
21.Revolutionists stormed a huge prison and killed almost everybody in the prison.
23.Educated majority; Usually became buisnessmen.
24.Killing machine invented to easily, quickly, and painlessly decapitate people.

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