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Chemistry Review

1 2
  4 5            
6   7      
8       9         10     11        
13                   14  
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21           22            

5.C is my symbol
8.when combined with Hydrogen produces water
10.chemically combined and can't see the different parts
12.Al is my symbol
13.cooking eggs is an example of this type of characteristics
16.describes the characteristics and behavior of matter
18.energy in motion
20.Im a reaction that absorbs heat
21.anything that takes up space
22.I change depending where I am earth or space : )
23.when combined with Chlorine produces salt
24.the science that investigates and explains the structure and properties of matter.
25.energy that is stored
26.S is my symbol
1.I'm the type of characteristics that involve color, taste, sight etc.
2.Br is my symbol
3.Ca is my symbol
4.combination of two or more physically put together and can be pulled apart
6.Au is my abbreviation what is my name?
7.He is my symbol
9.pure and found in nature and on te periodic table
11.K is my symbol
12.close but not precision
14.Ag is my symbol
17.I'm a reaction that releases heat
19.N is my symbol
21.the measure of the amount of matter that an object takes up
23.S is my symbol

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