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Crossword Puzzle

Isaac Fung

Crossword Puzzle

1 2
9   10                    
11   12                    

3.the first sign in a spreadsheet formula (=,@, or other symbol)
7.a type of grpah that uses lines to represent different values
9.the chart that show amounts being compared in vertical bar, ideal for side by side comparisons of data
12.the process of searching through and analyzing large amount of data
13.In a spreadsheet- function formula, the cells on which the fuction is performed
14.organized collections of records and related files stored in a computer system
1.Chart that show in horizontal bars the amount being compared and the contribution of each value to a total across categories
2.in a spreadsheet cell, a written set of instructions telling the programs perform calculation on the values entered
4.In a spreadsheet worksheet a location where values and formulas are stored idenity by the column and row in which it occurs
5.in a database or spreadsheet an eletronic version of a printed documents used to correct data
6.the identification of a cell in a spreadsheet by specifying the column and row to which the cell belings
8.an explanatory list of meaning of the colours, symbol, and so on the maps, charts, or graph.
10.in a spreadsheet cell, any text information contained in a cell
11.the columns in a table generated from a database

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