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health care: legal and ethical issues

Dakota R

words and acronyms commonly associated with the health care world.

*this could be a repost, and i apologize. i posted this before and wasn't sure if it was actually saved, so here it goes again :)

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5.law that regulates the education and certification of nursing assistans as well as residents comfort and privacy
6.intentional acat that causes harm to another person
7.an agency within the Department of Labor that establishes safety and health standards for the work place
10.an ethical principle that requires health care workers to respect a person's rights and personal preferences
15.document signed by the patient that explains his/her wishes abuot health care while dying
17.an adjective used to describe care of the whole person, physically, emotionally,socially, spiritually, and psychologically
18.a federal privacy regulation that helps to keep personal information about a pt.s and residents private
19.permission given by a pt. or resident who understands a procedure that has been explained to them
20.federal program that helps people over 65 with hospital and medical costs
1.keeping personal information that smoeone shares with you to yourself
2.classification system that groups patients by diagnosis and treatment
3.an official record maintained by the state of the people who have successfully completed the nursing assistant trainging program
4.confining another person against his or her will
6.answerable for your behavior
8.a managed care system that contracts with health care providers to provide health care services for a prepaid fee, and people seeking care agree to see only health care providers who are part of HMO
9.an occurrence that is considered unusual, undesired, or out of the ordinary
11.an ethical principle that requires health care workers to act with integrity to earn other's trust
12.a state and federal program that pays medical expenses for those whose income falls below a certain area
13.an ethical principle that requires health care workers to do good for those in their care
14.a person who fails to do what a "careful and reasonable" person would do in any given situation
16.no-code order
20.a report that focuses on the degree of assistance or skilled care that each resident of a long-term care facility needs

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