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Chapter 4 Revision

Lucy Butcher

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2.Working from home but staying in touch via technology.
4.From a different location.
7.IM feature that gives you a quick view of the people who are logged on. (2 Words)
8.A small piece of hardware that connects to a computer for data storage & picking up Bluetooth/3G.
9.Using an external service provider to carry out a business function.
12.Policies/procedures that a company/organisation has in case of a disaster. (2 Words)
13.Symbol/ characters/images/numbers are all types.
14.Working together to achieve common goals.
16.Built in storage designed to be directly accessed by the CPU. (2 Words)
17.Sharing desks/workstations to save space and resources. (2 Words)
18.A copy of data that is made in case the original data is lost or damaged.
19.An online message board where people can share their ideas and views. (2 Words)
20.To perform more than one task at the same time.
1.A website that allowing users to add, edit and remove content.
3.Software that is available to download free of charge. (3 Words)
5.The science of designing equipment to reduces the user’s fatigue.
6.A hard disk drive where data is written on to lots of disks at the same time.
10.Storing data on another device, such as a CD or USB pen. (2 Words)
11.A marketing strategy that encourages people to pass on a marketing message. (2 Words)
15.The ongoing expenses of operating a business, e.g. rent, fuel bills, salaries.

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