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Unit 3

Andrea Comeau SNA

1 2       3    
4             5   6  
  7               8   9                
10                 11  
  13 14                          
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2.loss of language or speech
4.a pain-reliever, such as asprin.
8.when a person is unable to control bowel and bladder
14.question that encourages pt. or resident to talk more (two words)
16.facial expressions, smell, appearence, stance etc
17.this measurement is equal to one mL (two words)
20.language spoken by the deaf
21.Feelings or impulses of compassion for another
22.signs that can be observed and reported such as vital signs or the I/O (two words)
23.this contains information about the person's previous surgeris and medical condidtions, current meds, allergies, and current medical diagnosis (two words)
1.the nursing plan for a pt.s or resident's care (two words)
3.symptoms that can only be felt and described by the pt. or resident (two words)
5.a task or action carried out by the CNA
6.to carry out a plan
9.another word for argument
11.transmitting messages using words, written or spoken (two words)
12.thinking something of someone that untrue or assumed
13.adbocate for a resident
15.Where vital signs are recorded, frequency of bms and voids and ADLs (two words)
18.putting yourself in another's place to see thing as they see them
19.a file that contains a condensed version of each pt.s or residents medical record

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