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Financial Documents

Use the clues to complete the crossword- all the cluse relate to a type of financial document

1 2
  5       6          

3.This document is one way in which payment can be made
5.This document is issued to correct any errors, or when goods are returned (2 Words)
7.this document is issued to regular customers to show which invoices haven't yet been paid (3 Words)
8.This document is used to check orders have been delivered before payment is made (3 Words)
9.This document is sent by the supplier to confirm that they have received payment
1.This document is sent with the goods ordered and is signed by the customer (2 Words)
2.This document is usually sent with payment to show which invoices are being paid (3 Words)
4.This document tells us what a customer wants to buy (2 Words)
6.This document is sent to request payment for goods/ services that have been delivered

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