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Working with Suppliers

Mrs Ali

Key terms and concepts from the topic 'Working with Suppliers' from Operations Management.

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3.One of the key characteristics of a good supplier
5.A business will want their suppliers to offer them good.....
8.Being able to meet different needs as and when required
9.Can meet larger orders in future if needed
12.Can be the result of having idle staff due to poor suppliers (3 Words)
14.The time between making an order with a supplier and the order being delivered. (2 Words)
15.A possible benefit of having a good supplier (2 Words)
16.Not always the most important factor of a good supplier
17.This must be strong and long-term between a business and their supplier
18.The standard of this will improve if suppliers are good (2 Words)
1.Contract terms between suppliers and businesses (3 Words)
2.Must be clear and strong between businesses and their suppliers
4.There will be fewer of these in the production process if a business has a good supplier
6.Standards expected by businesses
7.Customers may be left feeling this if a business is let down by their supplier
10.A business will want a good relationship with their....
11.A popular place to find a supplier (2 Words)
13.Flexible payment term

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