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4.When supply equals demand
6.This is when employment and output is at its maximum
9.When resources are limited but needs and wants are not
11.This is what you have after subtracting the costs from the revenue
12.A person's desire for a product at a particular price
14.A few businesses control the majority of the market
16.The disadvantage of producing more items (two words)
19.This is when the government decides what is produced (two words)
20.Demand is this when a change in price results in little change in demand
21.These you must have to survive
22.These are costs that do not change
23.When there is only one provider of a product or service
24.The is one of the functions of business
25.It includes natural, human, and capital (three words)
1.Demand is this when a change in price results in a change in demand
2.Resources are owned by individuals rather than by the government
3.Examples of this resource are buildings, money, equipment
5.When individuals and businesses decide what, how, and for whom goods and services are produced (two words)
7.He developed the Hierarchy of Needs
8.How many items producers are willing to make at different prices
10.Costs that change as you produce more
13.The option you passed up (two words)
15.The advantage of producing more items (two words)
17.One of the four basic principles the U.S. economic system is based on
18.We feel we must have these to be satisfied

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