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Seizures & Nursing Care

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4.This should never be done to a patient who is having a seizure
6.Type of seizure a patient may be having if they are staring with a transient loss of responsiveness
8.Most antiseizure medication are metabolized by this
9.Severe HTN in pregnancy resulting in seizures
12.Period following a seizure
13.Patients taking Dilantin should use a soft toothbrush because this may occur with the gingiva
15.Carbamazepine should not be adminstered within 14 days of this type of medication
16.This should be put in the mouth of a patient who is having a seizure
1.The generic name for Valium
2.When taking this medication, green leafy vegetables and organ meat are recommended as part of a daily diet
3.Type of diet recommended for a patient with a seizure disorder
5.While drugs may be used to control seizures, they do not provide this
7.A nurse should caution diabetic patients that Dilantin can cause blood glucose levels to become __________
10.Most cases of epilepsy develop during this time period
11.The best position for a patient who is having a seizure
14.Drop attacks

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