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Figure Out the Date

the Incredible Hulk

These are some clues as to what we're doing today (:

1 2 3 4       5     6
8                   9  
11           12         13
15       16    
17   18          
20           21      
22         23                      
    24     25     26    
28             29            
30   31      
32           33      
34   35        

3.Another name for a merry-go-round
7.We _____ video games often at my house
8.The politically correct seasonal greeting is "Happy ______"
10.What the auditorium doubles as when plays are performed
11.One day we're gonna go to Dutch _______
14.What we do while watching every movie, not dirty!
19.Tomorrow we're going to go (2 words) (2 Words)
20.I used to ride _____
22.Acronym for a particular children's theater in this state
23.What I bring you every morning (2 words) (2 Words)
25.The season that begins on December 21st.
27.December 25th
28.I ____ you <3
29.Christmas story centered on a stingy old man
31.I'll promise to keep you ____
32.We have a list of the ones we need to watch
33.What we'll need to drink our hot cocoa out of when we get to your house
35.Pere Noel (Father Christmas)
36.At the Delaware, we skipped _____
37.Slower than a run or jog
1.The weather outside this time of year is ____
2.In order to keep warm, we should snuggle under the _____
4.What my father calls you because you put the "star on the tree" (2 words) (2 Words)
5.Today's weather is going to be mostly ______
9.We're gonna a few of these, twins hopefully.
12.Another word for "bundling up"
13.Make sure you bring these to keep your hands warm
15.Place where I get low-calorie soup; went with Ahisha after school one day, just us.
16.No two are alike
17.My mother puts these on the tree every year
18.a bonfire in your house
21.Another word for getting closer with your family
24.Where the horses are kept
26.What we use to keep our hot chocolate warm
30.Le Lutin-En France, les enfants envoyent beaucoup des lettres a pere noel. Ces gens repondent a tous lettres! (Santa's helpers)
32.What we put on mix CDs
34.We've visited all of these in my neighborhood

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