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What is a Computer

Mr. Leftridge

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      4 5
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1.company that produces the Macintosh
6.persoanl computer
7.a way to get back data saved on the computer
11.a electronic device that manipulates information
13.the process that occurs when you press the power button to turn on the computer
14.the way a computer uses data
15.Macintosh computer
16.any part of the computer that has a physical structure
19.a computer that 'serves up' information to other computers
1.short for applicatons
2.more portable computer, allowing people to use them almost anywhere
3.example of hardware
4.a monitor, mouse and a keyboard computer
5.addding RAM or a bigger hard drive to the computer
8.using a combination of graphics and text
9.any set of instructions
10.computer with a touch sensitve screen
12.a way to save informaiton on the computer
17.operating system created in the mid-1980's
18.software program

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