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Monitoring and Evaluating Customer Service

Mr N Wilson

Complete the crossword based on the topic - Monitoring and Evaluating customer service in a Business.

2 3                  
4       5                

3.Businesses will review the information and evidence before forming a conclusion.
4.Businesses will check to see if the number of these are increasing when evaluating their customer service.
6.Customers will often make these when they are unhappy with the service.
7.Businesses do this to so that they can remedy problems and make improvements to their customer service.
8.The level of these are checked to help a business evaluate their customer service.
1.These people visit a store to assess the staff.
2.Businesses distribute these to customers to get information about their services. The resukts can then be analysed.
5.Customers will give these when they are very happy with the service.

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