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Melissa Estrada

Vocabulary Of Professions

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2.Person in charge of supervising the cleaning are at a hotel.
5.Person in charge of the security of a person or company.
8.Person in charge of the entrance at a building.
11.Person in charge of the design and construction of buildings.
14.Person in charge of any job related with electricity.
17.Person in charge of funerals.
21.Person in charge of the loan of books at a library.
23.Person in charge of a group of workers.
1.Person in charge of repairing and installing piping.
3.Person in charge of the treatment of mental diseases.
4.Person in charge of extinguishing the fire.
6.Person in charge of cooking at a restaurant.
7.Person in charge of different repair jobs and small maintenance.
9.Person in charge of selling products.
10.Person in charge of the design of any specific area.
12.Person in charge of the treatment of teeth.
13.Person in charge of the drinks at a bar.
15.Person in charge of the cash register.
16.Person in charge of repairing cars and other mechanic equipment.
18.Person in charge of flying planes.
19.Person in charge of writting.
20.Person in charge of taking care of children at home.
22.Person in charge of helping the waiter.

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