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Chapter 17 Behavioral Emergencies

Joey Turner

1 2
3   4               5        
  8                     9

4.Any form of sexual contact with another person without consent. (2 Words)
6.Intercourse perform using force threats or violence.
7.Intentional act to end one's own life.
8.Physical and or psychological harm of a elder person (2 Words)
10.obsessive compulsive disorder, panic disorder, P.S.T.D, phobias. (2 Words)
11.Coping mechanism to deal with overwhelming negative emotions. (2 Words)
12.Physical and or psychological harm of a child. (2 Words)
13.A type of abuse which a caregiver fails to provide the necessary care to an elderly person. (2 Words)
14.Exaggerated notions of percieved threats.
1.A mood disorder that interfere with everyday life for an extended period of time. (2 Words)
2.How people conduct themselves or respond to their enviroment.
3.When a person perceive an object with no reality.
5.Can cause hallucinations, delusions, disordered thinking, and social withdrawals.
9.The most frequent reported type of child abuse (2 Words)

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