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Market Leader 2


Vocabulary units 7 - 12

2 3        
4 5            
  6 7 8         9     10    
11               12  
16               17        
18   19      
20   21           22                  
23             24
25                 26            
  27                     28          
  30 31 32 33          
34                 35    

3.speech sound produced by the open throat (5)
5.a piece of iron which can attract other similar pieces (6)
8.a set of letters arranged in order, used for writing (8)
10.put your arms around someone to show love or friendship (3)
11.something to wash your hair with (7)
13.discussing all facts or items fully (2,6)
15.the value of one country's currency expressed in another country's (8,4)
16.a room below ground in a house, often used for storing wine or coal (6)
17.evaluate or judge (5)
20.organise things that are mixed up or untidy (4,3)
22.look directly at another person (3,7)
25.strong and healthy (6)
26.officially launch a new product or service (4,3)
27.a statement conveying fundamental character (10)
28.choice (6)
33.the number zero (6)
34.a thing that motivates or encourages (9)
36.make changes (6)
1.move in a circle (6)
2.a large cat whose coat is yellowish brown with black spots (6)
4.an addition to wages as a reward for good performance (5)
6.a large room used for public events (7)
7.the amount of economic production of a country (1,1,1)
9.be combined together to form something (2,4,2,2)
10.an outstanding part of an event (9)
12.a large reptile similar to a crocodile, native to China (9)
14.having a holiday from work or study for a particular length of time (4,4,3)
18.something new or unusual (7)
19.a place that is popular for holiday or recreation (6)
21.continue to hold (6)
23.a building with a large flat central area, where sports or entertainments take place (5)
24.happen in a particular way, or have a particular result, especially unexpected (4,3)
27.a measure of size, in particular width, height, length (9)
29.a famous Italian company whose products include clothing and bags (5)
30.a person who acts for his superior in his absence (6)
31.an experienced and trusted advisor (6)
32.never! (2,3)
35.hard-wearing blue cotton fabric (5)

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