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Hard Drives

Sharon Lambert

Understanding and Installing Hard Drives

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1.a mode of addressing information on hard drives that ranges from 504 MB to 8.4 GB (2 Words)
4.Another name for large mode (2 Words)
8.The top or bottom surface of one platter on a hard drive
9.primary partition (2 Words)
12.A hard drive
14.A number identifying a channel whereby a device can pass data to memory without involving the CPU
16.The only partition on a hard drive that can contain more than one logical drive (2 Words)
17.A hard drive larger than 504 MB (3 Words)
18.A standard for managing the interface between secondary storage devices and a computer system
19.Errors caused when more than one file points to a cluster, and the files appear to share the same disk space, according to the file allocation table (3 Words)
2.A system BIOS that has been written to accommodate large-capacity drives (2 Words)
3.To "optimize" or rewrite a file to a disk in one contiguous chain of clusters
5.Extra copy
6.Automatically identifies and configures a new drive in the CMOS setup
7.Formatting performed by means of the DOS or Windows Format program (3 Words)
8.The firmware that controls access to a hard drive contained on a circuit board mounted on or inside the hard drive housing (3 Words)
10.multiple data transfers on a single software interrupt (2 Words)
11.Infectious program that can replace the boot program (3 Words)
13.The distribution of data files such that they are stored in noncontiguous clusters
15.Group of clusters used to hold a single file

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