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Keyboarding Vocab unit 3

C Greene

1           2 3      
4               5                     6  
  7 8 9        
10                       11  
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19                         20 21      

1.alerts the reader to the content of the document
3.the main message
4.info arranged vertically
5.short reports that are not bound
9.the farewell of a letter
10.sender address
15.another name for wordwrap
17.a letter style that uses punctuation after the opening and closing
18.used to correct text
19.another name for works cited
20.electronic message
22.something that is attached to the letter or memo
1.opening of a letter
2.a grid of columns and rows
3.all paragraphs begin at the left margin
6.used to note who keyed the document
7.something is enclosed with the letter or memo
8.the person who receives the letter
11.copy from which you are keying
12.parentheses used in the report body
14.a letter style that omits punctuation after the opening and closing
16.pressing enter at the end of a line or paragraph
21.an interoffice communication

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