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ADA & securement

UCSD shuttles

ADA securement terms and standards

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3.if the manual _____ is not closed, lift will not operate.
6.______ lift is for unloading passengers without power
7.if the bus isn't ____, the lift may not work. look for a flat area
10.Maximum _____ of rider and mobility device using lift, 600 pounds
12.the bus drivers job is to ____ , not enforce
14.allow extra ____ for our customers with disabilities,elderly,very young
15.people using these mobility devices should be encouraged to transfer to fixed seating
18.wheelchair = _____ device
19.driver interactions must must be ______ and appropriate
22.bus must be in this transmission setting to use lift
23.when all else fails, read these
27.this gas medical gas can be carried aboad buses
28.freshening your skills with this kind of training
31.where is the lift____on this bus? Sometimes on the dash
32.number of securement straps used
33.don't attach securement straps here ,you may bend them
34.these must be kept clear for safety
1.____ and shoulder belts work best facing forward
2.ADA is a _____ rights act
4.goal of ADA, _____access
5.department of ____, responsible for ADA compliance
8.number of feet needed to deploy the lift safely
9.which roll stop keeps people from rolling off the lift?
10.A common one has a 30" x 48" footprint
11.the "L" represents this in the LOAD accronym
13.can a driver ask for proof of a disibility?
16.listen to the customer and ask _______
17._____ operator must inspect all securement equiptment and straps
20.this plate covers the gap between the lift and the bus
21.can a driver ask what tasks a service animal performs?
24.Lift ___must be in place when lift is not being used
25.these animals are working animals ,not pets
26.straps at a 45 ____ angle is most secure
29.lower the lift manually by turning valve to the ______
30.Don't do this to a mobility device without communicating first

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