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Delirium and Dementia

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2.confusion becomes __________ due to physical changes in the brain
4.a cause of confusion
9.severe/late stages of dementia see s a client ______________
11.delirium is caused by a physical/mental illness that is _________
14.MMSE is used to identify cognitive _________
17.false beliefs
20.prion disease
21.mad cow disease in cattle is the same as ________ in sheep
23.first cells to die in alzheimers dissease are in the ___________ system
24.Inability of a person to think with the usual speed or clarity
25.accumulated bits of protein in the neclei of neurons cause?
26.touch and sensitivity to pain decreases due to ..............
1.type of dementia caused by small strokes in the brain
3.Most common type of dementia
5.A&O x 3 indicates normal _________
6.main cause of confusion in seniors
7.diagnostic tool for dementia
8.confused clients will have difficulty performing _______
10.plaques and tangles are _____________ of AD
12.sudden confusion; medical emergency
13.a treatable form of dementia (2words)
15.this exacerbates during hospitalization
16.rare form of dementia
18.clients in care homes can have confusion d/t _________ stress
19.treatment for delirium includes_________ of symptoms
22.changes in brain function are ________ in CJD

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