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Algebra A

Fredo Gonzalez

1 2
3                   4          
6   7                
8     9   10  
13                   14          
            15   16  
19         20                                  

3.the distance that a nuber is from zero on a number line
5.whole number and their opposites
6.a ploynomial of two terms
12.the opposite of a number;the sum of additive inverse is 0
13.a number that is either rational or irrational
17.two numbers that identify the location of a point
19.the difference between the greatest and the least data values a set of data
20.operations that undo one another
21.the ratio of a distance in a drawing to the actual distance
22.the location on the x-axis of a point on the coordinate plane
23.the four parts into which the coordinate plane is divided bu its axes
24.the point at which the axes of the coordinate plane intersect
25.a term that has no variable factor
1.the number factor when a term has a variable
2.a mathematical phrase that can include number,variables, and operation symbols
4.the line that divides a parabola into two matching halves
7.the counting numbers
8.a rate with a denominator of 1
9.a measure of how data varies, or deviates, from the mean
10.the y-coordinate of the point where a line crosses the y-axis
11.a symbol,usually a letter,that represents one or more numbers
14.a ratioof a to b, when a and b represent quantities measured in different units
15.numbers whose square roots are integers
16.a polynomial of three terms
18.a number that is multiplied repeatedly

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