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HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis B

T. James L

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1.HIV can be __________ by having unprotected sex with an infected person.
6.A symptom of HIV infection that means 'to feel tired'.
7.Being _______ to one partner can reduce your chances of being infected.
8.These glands swell up during HIV infection.
9.HIV makes the body _________ to diseases and infections.
10.Your skin and eyes may look this colour if you are infected with Hepatitis B.
12.You can _______ yourself from HIV by not sharing needles.
13.AIDS stands for Acquired Immunodeficiency _________.
14.Luckily, there is a ________ available for Hepatitis B.
15.This may be a dark colour if you are infected with Hepatitis B.
2.HIV stands for Human ___________ Virus.
3.A symptom of HIV infection that has to do with excrement.
4.Which stage of HIV infection is AIDS?
5.There is no ______ for HIV/AIDS.
8.What is Hepatitis B an infection of?
11.Which body system does HIV attack?
13.You must not _______ razors or toothbrushes with a Hep. B infected person.

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