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Hometown Library

Virtual Library

A little puzzle for our hometown library card holders.

1 2
4   5     6              

4.This hometown library always appears in the Rose Rock Parade.
6.This library was recently closed for remodeling.
7.Watch your head! This hometown library is under construction for a new computer lab.
9.The first of it's kind in Oklahoma this 'branch' goes where you go (2 Words)
11.This will be the 10th hometown library, when it opens.
12.This hometown library had a tornado skip by this past tornado season.
1.This Library System was the first multi-county system in the state. (3 Words)
2.This hometown library was the first to get a book sorting machine.
3.This hometown library, in the South, is one of two that checks out laptops.
5.Right now this is the newest of the hometown libraries.
8.This hometown library has a castle inspired children's collection.
10.If you use this hometown library you are Sooner Born & Read.

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