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NOCN Counselling & Listening Skills Level 1

Katie Welham

recap end of course Quiz

1 2 3
5 6                   7
9   10                      

5.What do boundaries do for you? (4,4)
8.An aid to listening? (4,3,7)
10.Which skill do you use during the listening session to re-word something?
11.Name two feelings a person might have around endings? (3,5)
12.A block to listening? (6,4,8)
13.If you use your own experiences to pity the speaker – what are you doing?
1.How do we give feedback? (8,8,8,)
2.Which skill do you use to recap on the main points at the end of a listening session?
3.What can good beginnings do for the listening relationship? (5,5)
4.With what part of you do you listen?
6.If you get into the speakers world – what skill have you used?
7.If a speaker or client was tearful or upset what behaviour would be unprofessional?
9.What does good-time keeping demonstrate?

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