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unit 7

1 2
3       4     5
    6                   7
    9       10
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3.a parasite that burrows into the skin
6.a white blood cell that eats germs
8.the coughing up of blood or bloodied sputum
9.a staff infection that appears like a boil on the skin
13.how a disease gets from one place to another
14.a disease contracted from the hospital or a health care setting
15.a disease that affects the lungs and sometimes the bones and kidneys
16.a virus that is spread by a vector
20.the strength or disease-producing potential of something
21.resistence to a disease (some diseases have _________to some medicines)
23.the process of killing all microbes
26.precautions that treat all body fluids and detatched skin as contaminated
28.precautions taken to prevent the spread of disease by touch
29.precautions taken to prevent the spread of disease by speaking breathing and singing
30.Equipment used to protect a health care worker (ie: gloves)
31.a reaction or a S/S of an infection
32.a disease caused by HIV
1.a living thing that can act as a way to transmit pathogens
2.a staff infection that is generally transmitted by the hands of health care workers
4.the time from when someone is exposed to a disease to when it becomes active
5.a cell that will die if it is exposed to oxegyn
6.something that contributes the liklihood of contracting a disease
7.swelling of the liver
10.the guessed outcome of a disease
11.something that is non-living that can act as a way to transmit pathogens
12.when something becomes dirtied with microbes
17.a place where a microbe can grow and reproduce
18.cleaning off as many microbes as possible
19.when a patient is kept in ____________to prevent the spread of a disease
22.a common disease contracted in the health care setting that results in explosive diarrhea
24.a "bad" microbe
25.a lack for blood in a part of the body
27.precautions taken to prevent the spread of disease by coughing or sneezing

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