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Animal Breeding Systems

Amanda Mullins

Vocabulary words associated with Animal Breeding Systems

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3.the transmitting of characteristics from parents to offspring
5.the mating of animals not closely related
8.the study of heredity
10.the increase in the performance of the offspring population compared to that of the parent population; also called “hybrid vigor”
11.the mating of animals that belong to the same breed but are from different blood lines
15.having two dominant alleles combine to express the dominant trait
16.the actual genetic makeup of an organism
19.an accumulation of fluid within the ventricles of the brain that causes the skull to enlarge and damage brain tissue; also called “water on the brain”
20.the mating of closely related animals
1.the mating of animals from different species; almost always produces infertile offspring
2.without horns; especially meaning genetically hornless
4.damaging or causing loss
6.having two recessive alleles combine to express the recessive trait
7.a type of grid used to predict the traits of offspring in a genetic cross
9.the physical appearance of an organism
12.the mating of animals from two different breeds
13.having one dominant and one recessive allele combine to express the dominant trait
14.the mating of animals that have a common ancestor; a mild form of inbreeding
17.a difference in structure or character from others in the same group
18.any of the forms in which a gene for a specific trait can occur

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