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Second Grade Spelling Bee


1   2       3
    4             5 6        
  8           9    
  11   12              
13   14                   15
        17     18      
        20 21              
24             25   26 27       28  
    29   30    

1.A sea organism with shells that can be eaten
4.Sticky liquid splashed over a surface
6.A large body of water
7.Paint used to decorate walls
8.The study of nature and energy
12.A long animal with a long body and a long tail
14.Laughable, funny, shameful
16.A mythical creature represented with a human head and fish tail
17.Something very suspicious
19.The head of a school
20.Without curves
23.To stop by force
24.A macromolecule essential for growth
26.A piece of land planted with fruit trees
31.To hunt in the wild
32.A Bohemian dance
33.A sport where people fight
1.A musical play with a single person singing
2.A liquid soap used to clean hair
3.A sea animal with eight legs
5.A four sided square like shape
9.Unexpected, shock
10.To offer to work for free
11.To move
13.A plant with long flowers or Harry Potter's aunt
15.A state of no suffering or desire
18.A thin pancake like food made of flour
19.The procedure or a process
21.The smallest finger
22.Nice, kind
25.A lion like animal
27.A water animal like a snake or a lizard
28.A humanlike machine
29.A metal used to clip papers together
30.To shiver

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