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West Side Story

8th Grade General Music

2 3            
4         5
  6             7 8  
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1.Maria falls in ____________ with Tony
3.Maria and Tony pretend to get ...
4.Current leader of the Jets
6.A person who writes music
9.The American Gang (two words)
10.West Side Story is a musical written orginally written for _____________________.
14.Lt. Schrank is a...
16.Tony's mentor and boss
17.The Shakespeare play that West Side Story is based on. (three words)
18.The boy picked to be Maria's date to the dance
20.He kills Bernardo
21.Bernardo's sister
1.A person who writes the words to the songs a musical
2.____________ Krupke
5.She lies to the Jets
6.Doc's _____________ is neutral territory for both gangs. (two words)
7.West Side Story deals with ____________ issues.
8.Setting of West Side Story (three words)
11.The gangs hold this to discuss the rumble (two words)
12.Maria's brother and leader of the Sharks
13.Bernardo's native country (two words)
14.Maria works at the _________________ (two words)
15.The Puerto Rican Gang (two words)
19.One Hand, One ___________

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