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Video Games - Bully


Vocabulary to text "Video game glorifies bullying, say critics"

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2.having the qualities that are right, needed, or appropriate for something
4.to avoid walking into or being hit by someone by stepping to the right or left
9.to win something in a competition, battle, etc.
10.something (money, food, clothes, etc.) you give in order to help a person or organization
12.in a way that is not serious and that is meant to be funny (3 Words)
14.to attack by indirect, secret, or underhand means
15.someone who owns a certain percentage of a company
17.unpleasant, offensive, or causing dislike
20.to make sth. seem much better or more important than it really is
21.to hurry forward, to continue doing sth. in a determined way (2 Words)
22.bad or improper use or treatment of someone or something
23.feeling worried; interested in
24.to praise someone in a very strong and enthusiastic way
25.to seem to be something; to become visible
26.to cause someone to feel extreme physical or mental pain
1.causing much discussion, disagreement, or argument
3.to make someone timid; fill someone with fear (verb)
5.feeling sad, unhappy, or displeased because something was not as good as expected
6.causing great harm or damage often in a way that is not easily seen or noticed
7.the part of the mind that makes you aware of your actions as being either morally right or wrong
8.to dip or submerge something, oneself, etc., in a liquid
11.to say in a strong and definite way that someone is bad or wrong
13.an experience that causes someone to suffer
16.owned or controlled by another company
18.someone who speaks for or represents a person, company, etc.
19.almost impossible to believe; incredible
21.to cause someone to do something by asking, arguing, or giving reasons
22.the crime of trying or threatening to hurt someone physically

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