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smoking related to oral cancer

Try to find the word and fill out the spaces related to the presentation. Use the clues to answer the crossword.

2                 3
5               6
  7   8         9  

2.spit tobacco (2 Words)
4.is a combination of poisonous gases, liquids, and breathable particles that are harmful to health. (2 Words)
5.combine with tobacco increases the risk of oral cancer
7.one of the harmful chemical in tobacco
10.abnormal growth in the mouth (2 Words)
11.leading cause of preventable illness (2 Words)
12.The fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity.
1.deterioration of gum tissue and bone structure in the oral cavity (2 Words)
3.increases the risk of oral cancer when sun exposure is greater than recommended (2 Words)
6.leading cause deah due to cancer in Canada (2 Words)
8.product from tobacco that reaches the brain in less than 20 sec
9.Presence of .......................... that do not heal within 2 weeks

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