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The Reformation


Martin Luther and His Revolution

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1.the university where Martin Luther taught
5.the ability of the leader of church to make the rules (2 words)
6.the official word of the church
7.the name of the division of Christianity after the Reformation
12.the first name of the King who started his own church
13.the first name of the pope who condemned Luther
15.the name of the Church that the King built (2 words)
17.idea of being kicked out of the Catholic Church
18.there were 95 of these
2.the idea that the body and blood of Jesus is given during church
3.the language Luther translated the bible into
4.official name of the change of the Church
5.title of the leader of the Catholic Church
8.the name of the church based in Constantinople, Turkey (2 words)
9.people honoured by the Catholic church after death
10.the paper one buys to bring a relative to heaven
11.the name of the part of the bible written about the life of Jesus (2 words)
14.the town where Luther was questioned by the Church
16.the city where the Vatican is located

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