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10th grade review

Extra Credit

1 2
3 4                  
  8           9              
10             11   12            
13     14   15            
    20 21          

4.The only form of birth control which protects against pregnancy and STI's.
6.The hormonal birth control method which is inserted into the upper arm.
8.Before1985 East Hartford other high school was named________________high.
9.The ______________gland nourishes sperm
10.Females store their in eggs in the___________________.
12.The ______________gland cleans out the urethra before ejaculation.
14.Sperm are stored here.
17.A_____________is when a breast is removed
18.A tumor which is cancerous
19.A tumor which is non-cancerous
21.This form of birth control is a barrier method
22.Female reproductive cell
23.The________________expands as the fetus grows and developes
1.Doctor who specializes in cancer
2.A doctor who specializes in diseases of the blood
3.Urine exits through this tube in both males and females
5.____________can be positive or negative to one's over health, however if not managed it is destructive.
6.A risk for someone who thinking about suicide
7.This is defined as intercourse without consent.
11.East Hartford High's mascot
13._______________along in combination with a condom provides added protection.
15.Male reproductive cell
16.Most dangerous form of skin cancer
17.The _________________pill is designed for emergency.
20.The _____________ determine how advance or aggresive a form of cancer is.

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