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Final Exam Review


1 2               3
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2.A soft rubber disc with a flexible rim that is inserted 6-8 hours before intercourse.
5.Physician implanted "T" shaped device to prevent pregnancy
6.Mood Swing and "walking on egg shells" phase of dating violence
8.I love you phase, buying of gifts and pulling the victim back into the relationship
10.Surgically cutting fallopian tubes.
13.Getting a persons bank information and controlling their spending
14.A foam, cream or gel that is used with other forms of birth control.
17.People who are allergic to latex condoms can use ones made of this material
20.A small rubber disc that fits over the cervix and has low effectiveness.
21.Shreath placed around an erect penis to block sperm from entering the vagina
22.Oral contraceptive that contains estrogen and progesterone
1.Small round instrument inserted into the female and left in for 3 weeks
3.Oral contraception taken 24 hours after unprotected sex
4.Type of abuse that uses technology to text someone 24/7
7.Non-physical abuse with threats and intimidation
9.Dangerous phase of abuse where the victim is being hurt
11.Best contraception that will protect agianst pregnancy and STI's
12.Abuse where there is bodily harm towards another person
15.Surgically cutting the vas deferens in order to block the passage of sperm
16.An adhesive "bandage" applied to the skin that must be changed weekly
18.Contraception administered by a doctor every 3 months
19.Trojan brand box that should be bought to prevent pregnancy

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