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How well do you know WCRC

4 5    
      6 7        
8             9          
12     13                
14   15       16 17        
    18   19 20              

2.The name of our new RN.
3.This board members' picture is in our website.
6.How many volunteers are there?
8.This volunteer knows Allan, Tim and James since they where children.
9.Who teaches the english bible study?
11.Name of a volunteer.
12.Our favorite pro-life scripture. (2 Words)
15.What year did the center first open?
17.Who teaches the spanish bible study?
18.There is one abortion every ____ seconds.
20.Name of the newest staff member.
21.Name of the last banquet speaker.
22.There will be a movie based on this banquet speaker.
23.Our previous name was __________.
24.Name of our parenting program.
1.What church founded the pregnancy center?
3.This volunteer has been to Nicaragua and Costa Rica in Pro-Life trips.
4.______ out of ten woman carry their baby if they see him/her.
5.At how many weeks does the heartbeat begin to beat?
7.This board member is Lissis' neighbor.
10.What is the telephone number of WCRC?
13.Name of the first director.
14.Who is the president of the board.
16.This year we celebrate Sanctity of Human life on ________.
19.Name of our treasurer.

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