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Day One: Light and Dark Word Search

MTCLC's Children's Church Enrichment Class

Cross-out each word we used in today's experiement! Some of the clues are found in the Holy Bible (KJV), and others are words we used in class. Enjoy!

1 2
3           4
5                   6  
8 9    
11       12   13      
15           16              
18       19        
20 21     22          
  24           25      

3.Matthew 1:21
5.We learned about God's creation using science e___________!
7.A Rocket S______ is very smart!
10.This device creates a ray of light.
11.We used this to break white light into many colors.
13.Genesis 1:4
15.II Chronicles 7:15
16.Ecclesiastes 12:1
17.Genesis 1:18
18.A book in the Bible.
21.Albert Einstein studied...
23.I John 1:5
24.Psalm 150:6
25.Hebrews 12:14
26.Exodus 14:6
1.Sometimes it dances on a string. Sometimes it talks.
2.Genesis 1:5
4.Mark 10:6
6.Genesis 1:2
8.Psalm 119:105
9.Genesis 1:2
12.Crayola makes really good...
14.Psalm 5:3
19.Psalm 91:1
20.Genesis 37:3
22.A subject we study in school.

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