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The Creed - #1

Vicar C. Schopp

All answers can be found in Luther's Small Catechism

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1.Second Article: This governor of Judea oversaw Jesus' trial & punishment
6.First Article Explanation: He richly and daily ______ me with all that I need
9.What is the First Article about?
11.Which Person of the Trinity is mentioned in the Second Article?
12.Third Article: ____ of sins (what Jesus Christ earned for us all)
15.Second Articles Explanation: Jesus freed me from the power of the _____
16.First Article Explanation: All this He does only out of fatherly, divine _____
18.What is the Second Article about?
22.Third Article Explanation: The Holy Spirit calls, gathers & enlightens the __
23.BONUS: "Creed" comes from the Latin "credo" which means
2.What is the Third Article about?
3.Second Article Explanation: Jesus ____ and won me from all sins
4.Second Article: Jesus will return to judge whom?
5.Third Article Explanation: The Holy Spirit calls us by the ___ (good news)
7.Third Article: This means "holy ones"; the communion of _____
8.Third Article Explanation: I cannot by my own ____ believe in Jesus Christ
10.Which Person of the Trinity is mentioned in the Third Article?
13.Second Article: Jesus was born of the ______
14.First Article: God is the maker of what?
17.Third Article: ____ of the body (what will happen when Christ comes again)
19.Which Person of the Trinity is mentioned in the First Article?
20.Second Article Explanation: Jesus Christ is true God and ________
21.First Article Explanation: He guards and protects me from _____

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