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Vex Definitions

Skylar Duncan


1 2
5   6 7 8              
    11     12
    13 14                  
        15 16

3.A program that tells the robot how to act in different circumstances, and the electronics
8.A part or subassembly for which all six degrees of freedom were removed relative to
9.A full-scale working model of a product. The prototype is frequently used for testing.
10.Autodesk® Inventor® filename extension for an assembly.
14.Describes a robotic system that carries out programs or performs tasks without outside
17.The set of magnitudes (visually represented by the X, Y, and Z axes) that determines
20.A process where a group suggests ideas and solutions to a problem.
21.Behavior is exhibited in response to different inputs. The output devices of a robot are
22.multistep process that includes ideation, sketching, CAD, and prototyping.
1.Directs a robot's behavior autonomously, through human instructions, or from a
2.A problem or idea that serves as a model or standard. These may lead to innumerable
3.A part or subassembly placed into another assembly. Assembly components may be
4.The robot body can be of any shape and size. The majority of actual robots look
5.A "rough" model of a product used to evaluate appearance, design, usability, and other
6.Autodesk Inventor filename extension for a part.
7.Rules that determine how parts in an assembly are placed relative to other parts in the
11.Describes a robotic system that is human controlled.
12.Putting a product through actual usage conditions to discover problems with the design.
13.multistep process that includes ideation, sketching, CAD, and prototyping.
15.Two or more components (parts or subassemblies) considered as a single model. An
16.Thorough study and investigation of a topic.
18.The actual fabrication and assembly of a product.
19.A programmable, mechanical device that can perform tasks and interact with its

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